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How to judge the authenticity of Panasonic batteries

How to judge the authenticity of Panasonic batteries
1. Anti-counterfeiting label: All capacity batteries of Panasonic are affixed with anti-counterfeiting labels, and batteries with different capacities have different contents.
2. Date: Generally, the date of Panasonic battery is stamped by steel. It is definitely not printed. If the date of purchase of Panasonic battery is printed, it must be a fake product.
3. Weight: All genuine batteries will not cut corners. Real batteries have enough weight. Fake batteries will be very light. However, due to process upgrades, the latest Panasonic LC-P12100 has been changed from 32KG to 29KG . It is recommended to check the weight of the required battery online, and then compare it. If there are more weight differences, there must be a problem.
4. LOGO: Authentic Panasonic's LOGO icon is panasonic, domestic Panasonic battery, only this one is used for energy storage
5. Regular Panasonic Agents: Regular Panasonic agents will no longer sell at any online store. Therefore, most of the Panasonic batteries on the Baoshang and Dongshang are high-grade or second-hand batteries.
6. If the user is not good at judging, they can apply for prepaid shipment, the goods arrive at the local acceptance logistics, and the acceptance is settled at the final payment.
7. Judging from the appearance, the Panasonic battery factory is a dust-free workshop. The batteries produced are particularly clean, and the refurbished batteries will definitely have flaws no matter how carefully they are made. As users, we can carefully observe the subtle information. In order to make a correct judgment.
The above is how to judge the authenticity of Panasonic battery, I hope to help you, if you want to learn more information, please pay attention to our official website.


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